Sentiment Quantified SEC Filing Data

The AlphaEDGAR™ Data as a Service (DaaS) product provides quant hedge funds, hedge funds, quantamental firms and investment firms with near real-time analysis of the text contained within all U.S. SEC regulatory filings. Using a distributed data acquisition, custom intelligent parsing, and financial markets specific sentiment analysis dictionary INTERConnect Analytics provides over 28 million indicators (20,000 avg per day) to inform all phases of the investment process; from adding alpha to managing risk.
AlphaEDGAR™ is enhancing our existing quantitative EDGAR analytics extending our ability to drive alpha from SEC EDGAR data. Director of Data Acquisition, Global Quant HF
AlphaEDGAR™ marks the newest evolution in technology from INTERConnect Analytics providing an auto-scaling parsing, and sentiment analysis framework built in-house to insure FinTech specific applicability.  This technology framework will provide the foundation for the evolution of our Sentiment Analytics Platform as a Service (PaaS).