INTERConnect Analytics Solutions and Products

Market specific NLP and AI at the core of every product or solution

The core of each product and solution created by INTERConnect Analytics is a domain specific natural language processing (NLP) analysis layer created using data and knowledge from the specific industry or market vertical. This NLP layer is combined with AI and Intelligent Parsing to transform the textual big data into insightful and actionable quantified data powering cost savings, revenue growth, risk management, client satisfaction programs and enhancing market returns.

  • MarketNLP™ - Provides a Standard NLP Dictionary for the Financial Markets based on AI and Expert Ranking. This product is used by the INTERConnect Analytics company RelateTheNews.
  • AdaptiveNLP™ - Provides a near real-time adaptive dictionary for NLP Analysis based on Input data sets. Companies looking to have an adaptive set of insights based on historic and ongoing analysis of the language used by input data sources will benefit from using the INTERConnect Analytics AdaptiveNLP™ solution.
  • Sentiment analysis engine – combines the powerful dictionaries with AI systems to generate proprietary, insightful and actionable indicators based on any source of textual big data.