RelateTheNews™ Data as a Service

Transforming news into action

with RelateTheNews™ Data as a Service for the financial markets

Making unstructured data actionable for the capital markets

Compressing and transforming over 1000 articles each day into quantified, insightful and actionable alternative market data is the power that RelateTheNews™ brings to alternative market data. Firm’s interested in our data as a service (DaaS) are concerned they are missing out on trading or investing opportunities hidden within the news. They doubt that any single news source provides them with maximum alpha capability. And, they worry about the cross pollination of social media analysis combined with traditional media or market focused news. We solve this problem by analyzing text based data from a range of journalistic news sources providing a set of indicators for each market relevant article. These sentiment insights provide not only a whole market view but also actionable insights for individual investment classes.

Powering Global Results

Our data as a service is used by global hedge funds and asset managers to make trading and risk management decisions. The extensive set of proprietary sentiment data we create enables firms to integrate these indicators into their entire investment process to drive alpha. We know our clients are experts at strategy creation and our data empowers this in-house capability. To insure that our clients are able to use our data effectively we do perform periodic verifications of market relationship and also have model strategies backtested to measure alpha as well as cumulative returns from RelateTheNews™ sentiment data.

The news sentiment indicators provided through the RelateTheNews™ DaaS provide our algo teams with actionable and alpha driving suite of indicators which are unique in the alternative data marketplace. – Head of Algorithmic Development at a Global Quantitative Hedge Fund

Do not miss hidden opportunity

If your firm is currently using alternative market data and/or looking to add new alternative market data to your investment process – the RelateTheNews™ data as a service (DaaS) is an insightful and actionable set of market indicators. Contact us today to learn more about our DaaS and utilizing RelateTheNews™ sentiment indicators to find and drive new investment or trading opportunities.

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